Site 2 $157,000

  • 4.51ha (all covenanted west of the watercourse);
  • House site situated on eastern boundary with Kaitoke School;
  • Views north to the central mountain range;
  • Building platform (.5ha) grassed and landscaped;
  • Access formed.
Site 1

Site 5 Offers

  • 7ha
  • 270deg views of valley, wetlands,farmland and east to the coast. House site formed and positioned for privacy and shelter from SW winds.
Site 1

Site 6 Offers

  • 7.7ha
  • building platform clear and grassed with mature trees (balance in covenanted bush)
  • great views over Kaitoke beach.
Site 1

Site 7 Offers

  • 7.8ha
  • viewing deck constructed to show site potential
  • views similar to sites 5 and 6 out to the surf beach
  • and north to the central mountain range
Site 1

Site 8 Offers

  • 8.4ha
  • The most elevated site in the valley
  • magnificent views to the west as well as out over kaitoke beach
  • large flat grassed building platform
  • ready to build
Site 1

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